Life Line Ambulance


"We needed a second opinion on where to transport my dad (VA or East Campus).  The staff was helpful in guiding us in our choice.  We chose East Campus.  Within thirty minutes my dad was being flown to Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix.  Had we chosen the other facility, my dad might not be alive today.  Thank you to all your professional, caring and friendly staff."

Prescott Valley

"They were just great!"

Prescott Valley

"I was given excellent service.  My ride was safely driven and careful over the speed bumps.  Both driver and paramedic were pleasant.  The paramedic spoke with confidence and care - giving me peace of mind and soul.  God bless all the care givers who attended me at that time."


"Fearful and in panic from the suddenness of my condition and having had enough personal training to understand a possibility of dire consequences, I was so grateful to have received the best of care, professionalism, concern and devoted emergency care from your EMTs that day. "


"All the men were very helpful and courteous and on the way to the hospital they helped me feel at ease."