Life Line Ambulance

Stand-by Services

Special Event Ambulance/First Aid Standbys

Special Event Ambulance Service:

When Life Line Ambulance Service provides ambulance stand-by services, that means the emergency vehicle and crew do not leave the scene for the duration of the event due to the potential hazards or high risk of injury during the event.

First Aid Standbys:

As a partner in the communities we serve, Life Line Ambulance frequently donates ambulance service for non-profit events. We will post an ambulance crew at these events as a last-out standby, which means that if there are calls in the area, the ambulance and crew may be required to leave the event.  While we make every effort to call these crews last, we cannot guarantee full-event coverage when we are donating our services.  Another stipulation for a non-paid standby is that the posting cannot adversely affect the response times in the area.  Life Line has previously partnered with events such as the Whiskey Row Marathon ( Prescott) Wickenburg's Gold Rush Days, and Thomas the Tank Engine’s Day Out  (Williams).

If your non-religious, non-profit, non-political organization has a need for these services, please submit a request at least two to four weeks in advance of your event to Life Line.  This request should describe the event, including dates, times, and the number of people expected in attendance. (See below).

Community Partner Standbys:

Life Line Ambulance is also committed to supporting other emergency service professionals.  That’s why, whenever possible, we provide emergency crews and ambulance transportation to fire and police departments when they’re in crises, such as large fires that pose risks for firefighters or hostage situations involving law enforcement.  Supporting our community agencies is just another example of Life Line’s commitment to exceptional customer service.

EMS Bike Team:

When emergencies arise during crowded public events, it is sometimes very difficult to get a typical ambulance to the scene to provide care.  For those occasions, Life Line Ambulance has a creative solution - our EMS Bike Team.  During large public events such as parades, marathons or street festivals, Life Line can dispatch EMTs and Paramedics on two specially designed and equipped mountain bikes to provide emergency medical services.

If your company has a need for a stand-by ambulance, first aid services and emergency crew, please contact us at (800) 418-5523 or (928) 445-3814 or email us at