Life Line Ambulance


"As a patient in pain and fear, you feel yourself slowly relaxing as the Life Line techs begin to take care of you.  You feel that you are in good hands.  They are cheerful, reassuring and very efficient.  I thank God for them."  Prescott

"Your paramedics are the best.  They are quick and sure know what they're doing.  I'd take them anytime."  Dewey

"The ride from Prescott Valley to Banner Del Web was very pleasant.  The EMTs were very professional and efficient.  It was about 8:00 PM and they let me know several times where we were.  They get an A+".  Prescott Valley

"Excellent crew.  I felt that they had a high level of competency and caring."  Dewey

"The paramedic in the ambulance explained everything and had a nice, calming effect on me."   Congress

"I could not have asked for better care.  Everyone was very kind and gentle.  Thank you very much."   Prescott

"A person could not ask for better care."   Prescott Valley

"The ambulance medic was very good at starting the IV medication on a bumpy road.  I didn't have any bruising."   Prescott

"Exceptional!"  Wickenburg

"I have found the service excellent.  The efficiency of the paramedics is top notch.  I was transported quickly to the hospital.  They were always friendly."  Wickenburg

"Excellent service.   The dispatcher was very helpful.  Great Crew!"   Prescott

"Very prompt and compassionate."  Prescott

"The crew that came to our house for my husband was wonderful.  Not only did they care for my husband, they were here for me and our daughter."   Prescott

"It was a first time experience for me.  I have only praise for the care I received."   Prescott

"Your service is always excellent.  From the dispatcher to the crew members, they at least listen to what you're saying and pay attention to existing medical conditions."  Prescott

"We were very pleased with the way our 911 call was taken care of.  We are very grateful for all that was done.  We were treated very professionally and with kindness, respect and compassion.  We could not have asked for more.  Thank you so very much."  Wickenburg

"I felt very relaxed and safe with the paramedic personnel.  They were considerate and concerned, but not pushy about my going to the hosptial."   Prescott

"This was my first ambulance trip as a patient.  I was treated respectfully and the attendant visited me so I wouldn't get my blood pressure elevated any higher.  I am happy I signed up for the LifeCare service.  I will definately renew it again when my year is up."   Wickenburg

"As you can probably check out, I use your service more than I want to.  Everyone is very nice and helpful.  Best program we have ever joined.  Thanks again for everything!"Prescott

Thank you for this service, we love it! —  Prescott

"Best idea ever!" — Dewey

"Thankful for the membership, was just transported this week." —  Prescott

"We’re so thankful a program such as this is available in our community.  It has been a significant cost savings for our family." — Kirkland

"What a wonderful program you have! Everyone we have dealt with has been very kind, patient and professional.  We can’t thank you enough for the services you provide." —  Wickenburg

"We live on a fixed income and find LifeCare to be a blessing.  We don’t know we would be without it." —  Dewey

"Thank you for this service."  -  Prescott Valley

"We are fortunate to have this service and wonderful emergency technicians here in Prescott."    Prescott

"We appreciate the membership service as retirees with limited income.  Keep up the good work." - Prescott