Life Line Ambulance

Communication Center

Life Line Ambulance employs Certified Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) team members and conducts extensive training with them before they go to work in our state-of-the-art Communications Center. These professionals take calls and dispatch units from the center 24-hours a day, seven days a week throughout Life Line’s service area with a computerized Automated Dispatch System using an extensive radio network for immediate communications.

All Dispatch Team Members conduct daily audits and continuous training, and the entire department works closely with our billing, quality assurance/improvement, field and mapping departments to ensure everyone is working with the most complete information available.

Geographic Informational System (GIS):

Life Line Ambulance utilizes a Geographic Informational System (GIS) that integrates information from various sources to provide detailed mapping information to our crews and provides a comprehensive picture of Life Line’s entire 9,000 square mile service area.  Our dispatch team uses this information to get emergency crews to the scene as quickly as possible.  As Arizona continues to experience enormous growth, we update and upload information to our dispatch database on a continuous basis, working cooperatively with statewide, county, city, police and fire GIS departments to ensure our crews receive the most up-to-date information available.

Life Line Ambulance is consistently setting new benchmarks for emergency services to serve our patients more quickly, effectively, and more efficiently.

Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) System:

Currently, Life Line Ambulance employs the latest in AVL technology.  This means that through satellites and cellular service, we are able to track each unit in our fleet every 15 seconds, no matter where they are in our expansive service area.  This precise tracking allows us to dispatch the closest unit to the emergency scene.  Our AVL System is seamlessly integrated into our Geographic Informational System (GIS).  The GIS tells us where you are, and the AVL tells us where we are.  These systems work in tandem to get both of us together quickly.  It’s why we’re here - to be there when you need us.