Life Line Ambulance

Mission & Code of Conduct

Our Mission

“Exceptional Customer Service”

We are dedicated to “Excellence in Customer Service” by providing the most efficient and effective service to our communities and employees. Our employees are committed to being responsive, compassionate and innovative in meeting our mission.

Our Vision

“We employ the best of the best!”

We are a leader in the emergency medical services field and the communities we serve are confident in our services and our organization.

Our Company Promise

“We promise: When you need us, we’ll be there. For you.”

Our Values - Code of Conduct

The following standards are what have enabled Life Line Ambulance to earn and maintain our Company’s respected reputation. All employees are members of the Life Line Team and are expected to embody these standards as a reflection of self and Company.

Integrity: Have the character to stand complete and united in purpose and job knowledge to uphold the quality and quantity of service and confidentiality expected by our co-workers and customers.

Respect: To recognize and accept the differences in every individual and extend this same non-discriminatory philosophy to everyone we come in contact with.

Loyalty: The commitment of one who is truly motivated, invested and dependable to the organization.

Honesty: Regardless of one’s standing and position, we are to be forthright and sincere in our responsibilities to everyone.

Teamwork: To motivate oneself to participate with others within and outside of the organization to achieve common goals.

Morale: We will maintain and promote positivity and problem solving within the organization to achieve company goals, regardless of the outcome.

Accountability: To self manage and acknowledge responsibilities to others and be willing to fully accept ones responsibility for ones actions and their implications.

Appearance: To be committed to a professional image through personal hygiene, appropriate attire, positive speech and actions.