Life Line Ambulance

Prescott Valley

Communities Served:

Station 21/Station 22

  • Prescott Valley
  • Coyote Springs

Local Classes & Benefits:

Local Partnerships:

  • Yavapai Regional Medical Center – East Campus
  • Central Yavapai Fire District
  • Prescott Valley Police    
  • Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • 911 Communication Centers
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Prescott Regional Communications Center
  • Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department

Chamber of Commerce:



Local Testimonials:

"Your company is 5 Star! I have no complaints, the EMT's were very friendly, professional and knew how to put my mind at ease. The dispatch team was very professional also. Thank you everyone!"

"I felt cared for and in good hands. Thank you!"

"Life Line is wonderful! Different members of my family have needed them and we have all had the best of care. Never any complaints. Thank you for your service to our community."

"All the members of Life Line Ambulance were very attentive to our needs. They showed care above and beyond."

"The service provided was absolutley outstanding. Personnel were personable and conducted themselves as if they really cared. Don't plan on making another trip anytime soon, but if and when I do, I pray I receive the same quality care. Thank you!"

"Your staff is always exceptionally caring, competent and efficient. I cannot praise them enough." .

"They were very polite to me and treated me with respect. Thanks to them all!"

"I cannot speak highly enough of the crew! They were professional, courteous, friendly and just very kind. My heartfelt thanks to them all!"

"You all were wonderful and treated me with kindness. I wish I could thank you all in person. God Bless all of you and thank you again!"

"I appreciate the excellent service I received throughout the whole procedure. From when they arrived to the trip to the hospital. Thank you for your fine and excellent treatment!"

"You have a wonderful group of EMT/Ambulance people. Very caring and considerate!"

"Excellent care and knowledge!"

"I was relieved to have gotten these Paramedics to help with my husband. They stepped right in and took control, very efficient, polite and professional. Thank you!"

"You are TOPS in our book!"

"You have come to my rescue many times now. Thank you for your wonderful manner each time."

"The care I was given was outstanding! I was kind of scared but by the time we got to the hospital, they had me laughing."

"Everyone was helpful and wonderful!"

"They were here very quick. They were very efficient and knew their jobs well. It was a pleasant trip from beginning to end."

"The best of service and care. Could not be improved any better. Thank you, other businesses should learn from you!"

"I want to thank the medics for the attention and medical care they gave my husband, saving his life. They even checked on him at the hospital, which he was so grateful for. They are good, caring people! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have made a difference in this world, please continue making wonderful things happen, the world needs you!"

"They were very professional and efficient.  They provided excellent service and were very personable." 

"I was pleasantly surprised at the communication level during the entire one way trip. " 

"I fell in my bathroom and was unconscious for an unknown period of time.  What I can recall, the ER crew got me out of my trapped confines with minimal discomfort, warned me when the gurney was going to bump, and the voices I heard were kind and caring." 

"Excellent, as always through the years.  No complaints." 

"The men on duty with the ambulance were great guys.  They really cared.  God bless them." 

"Thank you so much for your service.  Everyone was very thoughtful and professional as I was transported to YRMC East.  You are appreciated!" 

"Everyone was extremely nice." 

"Thank you for your service." 

"The Life Line crew was very efficient but caring and made me feel like I was in safe hands.  Thank you very much!" 

"I appreciate everything your personnel did for me.  Very excellent.  Thank you." 

"Life Line Ambulance employees have been outstanding to both my wife and I." 

"The service was excellent, as usual." 

"It has been necessary (actully life saving two times) to call for help.  The help came quickly, worked well together, and knew exactly what to do for my situation every time.  I am very grateful they are close by."  

"They are more than excellent!" 

"I am a retired LPN.  The care was excellent and friendly."  

"We have the highest regard for all the services that I received being taken to the hospital.  I was treated with top quality service by them all."  

"Fearful and in panic from the suddenness of my condition and having had enough personal training to understand a possibility of dire consequences, I was so grateful to have received the best of care, professionalism, concern and devoted emergency care from your EMTs that day."  

"They responded in a timely manner.  My mother was in distress and they heeded to her needs in a courteous and attentive manner.  That helped me enormously as I take care of her and I reside with her.  We appreciate the care and professional manner every time they respond to our 911 calls.  Thanking you kindly.  We appreciate every one of you!"  

"A great bunch of guys!"  

"Early in the transfer I was extremely anxious but the paramedic in my ambulance did an excellent job calming me down.  She talked to me."  

Local Community Benefits:

Life Line Ambulance provides these resources as a public service to the communities in which we work.  These resources provide information about the diseases and conditions we most commonly encounter when we’re in the community.

Links to resources on this page in no way constitute Life Line’s endorsement of these organizations, nor do these organizations necessarily endorse Life Line Ambulance.  These are simply health and safety-related sites you may find informative and are in no way meant to provide medical advice, nor be a substitute for medical care and treatment.

American Diabetes Association
Find out about:

  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Weight loss and exercise
  • Research
  • Prevention

Kids Health (Nemours Foundation)

  • Safety and first aid
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Medical problems
  • Growth and development
  • Doctors and hospitals

American Geriatric Society Foundation for Healthy Aging
Find out about:

  • Medicare updates
  • Healthy aging
  • Home elder care
  • Diseases and conditions of the elderly
  • What to ask your doctor