Life Line Ambulance

Chino Valley

Communities Served:

Station 31

  • Chino Valley
  • Paulden

Local Classes & Benefits:

Local Partnerships:

  • Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Chino Valley Fire Department
  • 911 Communication Centers
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Prescott Regional Communications Center
  • Yavapai County Sheriff’s Department
  • Chino Valley Policy Department

Chamber of Commerce:



Local Testimonials:

"The ambulance was at my home in less than 5 minutes. They were very attentive to me, I really want to say they were wonderful and I thank them all very much. Wonderful crew!"

"We are grateful for the kindness and care given. We are very glad to have our Life Care Membership. Thank you!"

"Your medics put everyone involved at ease, especially the patient. Thank you!"

"Thank you for your care and help during my time of need. The two medics were so caring and helpful." 

"Thank you so very much for your prompt and excellent service. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were great too, but it would not have mattered if I had not received the care and transport from your staff. God Bless you!"

"The crew is always absolutely wonderful, treating me tenderly and with the utmost respect! Please express my deepest thanks to all!"

"My transport was as comfortable as possible, the responders were very courteous and thoughtful!"

"All of the Life Line crew were wonderful to me! I know I was difficult to transport due to the amount of pain I was in, but they were kind, understanding and patient."

"You have wonderful employees and ambulance service. My first time in an ambulance and your staff helped a lot at the accident."

"Thank you for being there for us at the auto accident."

"Both of your EMT's were exceptionally professional in their service. They treated me very well in every way and I would like to thank them personally."

"Life Line has always been good to me. I hope your kindness and caring see me through to the end. Thank you!"

"We are so thankful to have Life Line when we need it! Thank you for the great service!"

"Thank you for everything! My husband and I were very scared and you helped relieve that feeling."

"My husband and I just want to say thank you and God bless to your people on the ambulance.  They were just great and so friendly and compassionate.  Please let them know."

"I was very pleased with the care I received from Life Line Ambulance Service." 

"I just want to say thank you for everything." 

"We appreciate your services, and if needed, we intend to continue working with Life Line Ambulance Service.  We also enjoyed filling out the questionnaire."  

"The crew treated me very well and explained everything to make me as comfortable as possible."  

"This was my first ever need for ambulance services and I have no complaints." 

"The medics were very professional and very good to my husband.  He was well cared for and I was very satisfied.  I do thank you all.  Your LifeCare program has been one of the best services we have and we have used it about three times since we got it.  I do tell others about this service.  You folks actually called and asked how my husband was doing.  How great it is!  Thanks again."  

"All parts of the ambulance service were of the utmost excellent quality and care.  Ambulance technicians were so professional, very caring and interested in my emotional state as well as physical.  Explinations and questions they went through with me showed this.  I felt I was in very qualified hands.  Your business office was also very caring and has explained my insurance billing very well thus far.  Thank you to you all!"  

"The paramedics were all about my welfare and relief from my pain.  One sat on the floor with me and held my left leg in position with me to prevent further pain.  I will always remember the control they had over the whole ordeal.  The business office was excellent in helping to find out my co-pay with my insurance.  Thank you!"  

"You have a wonderful caring team.  They took very good care of me."  

Local Community Benefits:

Life Line Ambulance provides these resources as a public service to the communities in which we work.  These resources provide information about the diseases and conditions we most commonly encounter when we’re in the community.

Links to resources on this page in no way constitute Life Line’s endorsement of these organizations, nor do these organizations necessarily endorse Life Line Ambulance.  These are simply health and safety-related sites you may find informative and are in no way meant to provide medical advice, nor be a substitute for medical care and treatment.

American Diabetes Association
Find out about:

  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Weight loss and exercise
  • Research
  • Prevention

Kids Health (Nemours Foundation)
Find out about:

  • Safety and first aid
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Medical problems
  • Growth and development
  • Doctors and hospitals

American Geriatric Society Foundation for Healthy Aging
Find out about:

  • Medicare updates
  • Healthy aging
  • Home elder care
  • Diseases and conditions of the elderly
  • What to ask your doctor